Sync With iCloud date not updating date

On the ATV Settings > Library screen where we can see the number of movies and tv episodes, on the line where it shows "Sync with iCloud (Last: … ) this date shows last: 8/18/23, 12:19 AM even though today (8/21/23) on the left side of the screen it shows a completed iCloud sync but the date doesn’t change.

Tried clicking on the sync button multiple times and it doesn’t change when the icloud sync completes.

Infuse 7.5.9
Diagnostics code is DBJAN

This is still an ongoing problem on the ATVs. Either failing or not updating the last iCloud sync date for weeks.

iCloud has rate limits in place which can affect how often syncing is able to be completed, and this can appear when multiple devices with larger libraries are being used.

We are looking into ways this can be improved.

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