Sync/Unify Imported Subtitles across devices

This might sound like a total ‘first world problem,’ but I’ve got a suggestion for Infuse. It would be awesome if you guys could add a feature to automatically sync/unify the subtitles on the imported page.

Here is how i think the feature would work. Infuse on different devices share the same imported subtitles, like between Apple tv, iPhone, Mac.(Within the same apple account/trakt account)

This feature would streamline the subtitle usage process and significantly improve the user experience. Because right now if you are watching a series on your pc using external subs ,and you suddenly need/want to watch it on your phone, you have to download all of that external subs onto your other devices too. With this feature, it would eliminates the need for the current process where you have to open the video, manually pick the subtitles from the imported page on either devices, and then open the video again on the other device to get the same subtitle file.

If it worked with this suggestion(Automatically match/associate imported subtitles) Then using subtitles would be a breeze. Like, if you imported a whole season of subtitles on your Mac, they’d just show up on your phone or Apple TV with the right subtitle already picked out.