Sync Lists

It would be nice to have lists synced with Infuse, including custom lists and wishlist.


I´m looking forward to the 4.1 update which hopefully includes the “watched” marks for so I don´t have to look it up manually every time. I do have a suggestion, which would in my opinion be an amazing feature:

Integrate the tab “on deck to watch” at the dashboard into the app! I can only imagine how awesome it´d be if for example a screen like this will appear instead of the “last watched” screen when you select the Infuse app from the tvOS homescreen.

Any support or note is appreciated!

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Yeah!, I think it’s a great idea, I would love the tab “on deck to watch”

Thirded. Most of the time I’d want to go to the next episode instead of seeing my last watched anyway.

+1 Great idea

Do we really need a copy of the Plex app.?

Personally don’t like this idea, Too much clutter… Infuse is nice and simple, lets keep it that way…

Plex requires a Plex server running on your NAS - Infuse doesn´t and that´s the main reason I´m using this app. So I don´t see a reason to “keep it simple” as long as there is a way to deactivate some options.

Now that watched is in, I’d like to see this in the next update.

Until then it’s nice that 4.1 lines up the next episode when I go to a series folder.

+1. I totally agree that Infuse are close to becoming the Plex alternative; however “On deck” are the only feature holding me back. Besides on iOS the main page of Infuse with a big logo could be put into good use by this.

Infuse’s version of On Deck is called Up Next, and it’s available in the 5.0 and later versions for Apple TV. It will list a combination of recently added and in-progress items.

Also, we’re in the process of revamping a number of layout and organization things for iOS, and the inclusion of a Library option with Up Next list is at the top of our list. Lots of good things coming this Spring. :wink:

That is great news! I had that thought exactly in regards of getting the ATV features on iOS. Great!!

One small detail that bugs me in daily use (new v5 feature): Great to have the PIP functionality but please do it so when you press the “home button” on iOS it directly jumps out to PIP while doing other tasks. Now i have to press the PIP icon in Infusion and then go out with the home button; if not it plays in the background. Mostly if you want it to play in the BG you can simply drag the PIP box to the side of the iOS device and it continues to play.

I would also LOVE to see the settings features (audio, video and subtitles) directly available while playing a video (the buttons can be put on the bottom of the play-bar; instead of under a settings cogwheel top right). As little “clicks as possible” are the good ol´ multimedia standard :slight_smile:

Same goes for the settings (left side menu). Again why hide the settings under a “settings” choice on the left side hand bar; where choices not in daily use are directly available (Twitter, Tell a friend etc)? Rather put the "Follow on Twitter, Tell a friend etc at the bottom of all settings; and bring the settings directly avail on the left hand menu. Saves a click and small things like this helps to streamline your already wonderful app!! Sorry for jumping in with ideas; it has been a part of my professional work for 25 years so I just love to help out gems to shine even brighter like Infuse! :slight_smile:

For example, this should show up in Infuse under next up, For You, or something to that effect.


The users guide will tell you what trakt syncs for Infuse

I think it should… Please kindly make this a feature request.

Love the idea. It would be a good way to manage watchlist.


With TV shows more and more frequently having connected universes and different timelines that are constantly updating I think adding support for trakt lists, both liked and personal, would be a fantastic addition to infuse.

I’d also like the ability to hide watched items from playlists to stop my endless scrolling.

Or if an item started in a playlist is resumed from continue watching it resumes the playlist rather than the rest of the season in plex.

Support for multiple filters is currently listed as planned for a later update to Infuse 7.5. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Hopefully this will cover filters in playlists too and not just whole libraries.