Sync settings between ATVs

It would be nice if I could either manually or automatically synchronize settings between 2 AppleTVs.  For example:

  • CouchSurfer bookmarks
  • MediaPlayer shares, favorites and watched/unwatched
  • Apple's Podcast favorites
  • Apple's Radio favorites
  • Weather locations

This would be exceptionally helpful should I need to restore one ATV; use Seas0nPass and just clone the settings over!

Thanks for the consideration.


With the addition of the “Backup My Settings” functionality some of this might be possible if we could somehow link our atv2 serial numbers to our account.  Since the current functionality is “Backups are stored securely in the cloud and will remain linked to the AppleTV’s serial number - this means they will always be available even if you update or restore your AppleTV.”


I would like to do pretty much what you are asking for as well.  

I would like to be able to jailbreak, install atvflash, etc on one appletv2 in my bedroom, then backup the settings for it.

After that I would jailbreak, install atvflash, etc on my living room atv2, and then restore the backup from the atv2 in the bedroom.


In short, I would like to clone a completely configured atv2 to a jailbroken/atvflash installed atv2.

Unfortunately syncing settings between AppleTV’s adds a whole extra layer of complexity that we’re not ready to tackle just yet.

As a workaround for now we may implement a way for you to request a copy of the cloud backup which then could be manually copied to the 2nd AppleTV.


Surely just syncing the basics like shares, bookmarks, etc is not that difficult.  Even if we were to select one as master and the other as slaves and rsync between them or something.  I must admit it is quite tedious to have to create my shares, bookmarks, etc in 4 different places.

if anybody knows, what settings are exactly bcakup’d, please let me know.


EDIT: answered.