Sync problems between devices


I had this problem several time in the past days with Version 7.0.4.

I watch a episode or movie on my iPad. The episode or the movie was completly watched until the end.
It was synced to as completely watched.

On my AppleTV with the same version of trakt, the episode and movie was not synced as watched, even if I trigger a manual sync.

On both devices i’m logged in with the same trakt account and icloud sync is active as well.

Is this on a Plex share?

No, I don’t use plex. the files are on a SMB Share.

I killed infuse on my appleTV and restartet it, and this seems to fix the problem.

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Glad the restart helped. Restarting both Infuse and the ATV can solve a world of problems. :wink:

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