Sync metadata and watched history with UPnP/DLNA servers

I use Infuse with Mezzmo. Every time I browse a playlist, all videos on the playlist are updated with the current date/time – making the server think the videos were actually played when they weren’t.

I rely on the “LastPlayedDate” attribute to put unfinished videos at the top so I can resume watching them.Tough to do when the Infuse/Server handshake timestamps all the videos to current. No other player does this…only Infuse.

Any idea how to stop this behavior?

Have you by any chance tried using Infuse without Mezzmo? There have been a few other users who had problems and were not aware that they could connect directly to their server without having to run server software like Mezzmo or Plex. After they connected direct they had no problems and didn’t have to run a separate server application.

If you haven’t tried it yet you may want to try direct to your server via a SMB connection to try it out. Use something other than UPNP or DLNA to get the biggest benefit of what Infuse can do. :wink:

I like the mezzo experience as there is an incredible amount of meta data and I can define the playlists any way I want (if, then, else). It is way better than the other servers like Plex, Video Center, etc. in terms of playlist control. I’ve been on Mezzmo for over a decade. No, there is not an issue with SMB, but I lose most of the control and meta experience. Again, no other player has this issue. I would be willing to wireshark the connection to see what infuse is doing if that helps?


Can anyone help me? Firecore support is totally unresponsive.

I have sniffed the packets and can see that Infuse briefly queries all videos on a playlist, causing the server to stream every playlist file for approx 6 seconds. So, as far as the server is concerned, the videos played and are subsequently updated with the current date/time. No other mobile player does this. I see this as a coding bug or software design flaw. Most won’t notice the flaw unless they have a dynamic playlist that relies on the LastPlayed timestamp to build/order the list. I like Infuse. It is, by far, the best UI/UX design out there, but this flaw undermines that. Final question: is there a workaround to this behavior?

During indexing, Infuse will read the headers of the video files to determine things like codec, duration, etc… It would seem Mezzmo is treating this as a short play.

If you’re connecting to Mezzmo via UPnP or DLNA, then Infuse is probably fetching its own metadata anyway so using SMB might be a good option, and wouldn’t result in much of a difference in the experience you see in Infuse.

Also, using SMB would allow you to take advantage of the Library features in Infuse (which aren’t available when connecting via UPnP/DLNA).

A media client should play videos and accept meta data from a media server. An SMB connection puts your client in a semi-server role where it has direct access to the media files and will fetch/configure the respective meta data inside the player. I have a central server for a reason and simply want all media devices (of varying vintages) on my network to use the server’s full capabilities. VLC works this way as does the other clients I’ve downloaded from the Apple store. Your interface/UX experience is much better than the other players — which is why I am pressing this issue. In other words, I want to use Infuse, but can’t because of query method. Can you make the meta responsibility (server vs. client) an option in a future release? Or, develop a different query method that doesn’t momentarily stream the file?

I understand you’re looking for more of a native UPnP/DLNA integration which would allow you to keep metadata and watched history in sync with your server.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a lot of demand for this over the years, as most people who want to manage their own metadata usually opt for Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin.

I’m going to move this over to the Suggestions area for now.