Sync issue with


somehow there seems to be sync issues with if you are using iOS and tvOS devices.

I’m running Infuse Pro 5.6.10 on an iPhone, an iPad (both iOS 11.3) and Apple TV 4k (tvOS 11.3).
During the weekend I and my family watched some movies on the Apple TV.

I’m logged in with the same Apple ID and the same account on all devices.
Scrobbling for trakt is enabled on all devices and also icloud sync and icloud drive is active on all.

My kids watched Paddington 2 on the apple tv, but stopped at the middle and resumed the next day.
I watched Blade Runner completly and rated it afterwards.

On the Apple TV both movies where marked watched and disappeared from the up next list.
Today I started Infuse on my iPad, and suddenly Blade Runner and Paddington appearded in the up next list.
Paddington was unwatched and show the playback position, where the kids stopped watching the first day.
Blade Runner was also marked unwatched, but the trakt rating was present.

So I logged into my trakt account. There Blade Runner was also unwached but rated.
Paddington 2 was marked watched, date 2nd April, but infuse shows a playback position and unwatched on my iPad.


If you have a chance, would you mind sending in a report from both your Apple TV and iPhone or iPad (where you were seeing the issue) and post the 5 digit code for each device?

A bit more info on sending in reports can be found here.

We’ve a similar problem. It’s only on our atv, haven’t tried it on an iPad. When we watch a show and stops it near the start 2-10 mins in it’s starting from the start next time. It’s done it several times since we’ve started using infuse. In fact it’s everytime we stop it at the start.

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We’ve resolved a similar issue in the upcoming 5.7.2 update, so it’s likely this may help in your case as well. :slight_smile:

Similar issue
Each time my trakt on Plex sync. I lose everything on infuse on appletv iOS etc.
How ever. If I log out of trakt on infuse and log back in I get everything back plus watched and play progress. Until next time trakt for Plex sync. And I have to do it all over again