Sync, fetch & sync?


It’s possible to sync first? I scanned the library in my Mac but in my Apple TV I have to scan again to get all my “recent added”. It’s possible to sync, then fetch & sync again?

What exactly do you mean by fetch and sync vs just sync? Infuse will remember you saved shares on your Mac if you have iCloud enabled on your devices and iCloud sync turned on and using the same iCloud account. It may take a little bit of time but it will start loading the details. It will redownload all of the images. That isn’t synced over iCloud.


Sorry I tried to be clear. I don’t know how to express myself very well in English. Yesterday my Mac synced but when I checked my Apple TV I didn’t have the same items. I had to resync and it stared fetching instead of syncing from iCloud.

I think I would be better if the sync start from iCloud to collect what it was already synced, then the fetching and then sync again with iCloud to save the new content if any.

iCloud Sync will allow Infuse to store details about your library in iCloud which will speed up scanning times, as Infuse does not have to search TMDB or read codec specs from your videos after the initial scan.

Setting up Infuse on a 2nd device would require Infuse to build a list of files, but this is pretty fast. Once the list is there, the rest of the info will be pulled from iCloud.

This provides a lot of flexibility, as there are many cases where you want to have some libraries visible on one device, but not others.

More info on iCloud Sync can be found here.

Thanks James, how long takes to reflect changes in all the devices if I sync in my main device for example. Sometimes while I’m at work I scan from my iPhone but takes a lot to reflect in my other devices that it’s faster to just scan as regular in all of them. I don’t know if this scans can be done in background?

For Apple TV go into the ATV settings and then go to background app refresh. Make sure that’s turned on and I’d suggest turning all apps “Off” EXCEPT Infuse which should be turned on.

For iPhone go to settings > general > background app refresh and do the same thing.

This will let Infuse do some of it’s updates in the background and as long as you don’t have a lot of other apps trying to do this at the same time it should keep things pretty well caught up.

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Thanks, will try.

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Just be aware, Apple has a “secret sauce” recipe that determines when an app can use this feature so it may not always be instant or consistent. That’s why I recommend if you can, to have Infuse as the only app allowed to do this. That way at least it has the best chance of getting it’s share of background time. :wink:

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Yeah, in my Apple TV I have only a few apps but the only one with background app refresh is infuse. Will test this days.