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hello, I allow myself to contact you because I use dropbox for the storage of my content for infuse, however, the loading of films (from the infusse library) remains long sometimes 1 minute to launch the film (ethernet or wifi). I would like to know if there is not a way to speed up the launch?

my second question, is it possible to disable the automatic synchronization of drobpox for adding content, because the search starts every 5 minutes when I have no content to add.


If you are seeing slow start times the playing content from Dropbox, this may be a local network issue, or a speed issue for Dropbox in your region.

Can you try running a speed test in Infuse to see what kind of speeds you are able to get from Dropbox?

HI ,
These are the results I get

You may want to let it run the full test instead of just 1.83%.

That will give you a better overall evaluation.

Also you may want to post a pic of the graph, that shows timing related issues well.

Here are the results

no result for my problem?


Was that speed test on Wi-Fi or ethernet? If you look at the graph, there’s a big drop out at the end. I wonder if you have network connectivity issues occasionally. The average speed is plenty fast enough, but you drop down quite a bit.

The result is in ethernet, but I never have a speed problem on infuse, simply when launching movies from dropbox

I wonder if the slowdown is not due to the fact that infuse systematically queries dropbox to update the content list systematically? Isn’t there a way to stop this process?

Infuse does stop metadata refreshes once you begin playback, but maybe there’s something special with dropbox in this case?

I’m not necessarily talking about metadata, but the search for content to add when I haven’t added anything

Same difference. All queries should stop

I’m not sure that Infuse does stop during playback. I think it may continue queries if it has enough of the video buffered that it can sync in the background.

It also may depend on what the streaming cache setting is. If it’s set to auto it may start syncing once the video is loaded.

Maybe the OP could set it to Memory only and see if the start time gets better. (or even Legacy as a test)

I agree, but this is not the case, at each launch of the application on different media. “Content recovery for my dropbox”.

@james can you provide some insight on when playback starts?

hello ,
no solution for my problem?

Didn’t see where you had tried the suggestions I gave or what the results were with the speed test using those.

I tried the different options on the broadcast, no improvement, the film always starts after a minute or two.

I also always have this data synchronization which starts when infuse is started when I don’t add any content…

Maybe send a screenshot of what you were seeing. Infuse will always check for new things every time it loads in case you did add something new. There’s no way for it to magically know when to check for new files or not.

precisely the fact that infuse is constantly charging, does this not lengthen the launch time of a film?