Sync database using g-drive (instead of iCloud)

Add the option to keep the library information sync file in Google Drive instead of icould.

Why? Me and my brother both use Firecore and appletv’s with a shared google drive to steam content from. However, we are not in the same Apple family because he lives in a different country than I do.

Solution: using gdrive to save the library in the same place I’n already sharing my files with my brother would allow us to each have our play counts, but file metadata updates and corrections would be synced from one device to another.

Original post:

Me and my brother use infuse and use the same google drive to stream content.
However, we are not in the same icloud family (to many people, he has his family, I have mine).

When I update movie metadata on my devices, it is not synced to his.

How can I sync the library over google drive or some other tool that will update the library between our devices?


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I do not believe that InFuse currently has any capability that will support what you want.

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Unfortunately this isn’t possible with Infuse at this time.

You will be able to access the same Google Drive videos, but would need to maintain your own library, metadata, watched statuses, etc… The only way around this would be to share a single iCloud login, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this.

hm… So infuse will only work for users sharing the same icloud family?
Why does infuse safe the database in the library when it is able to access a google drive share? wouldn’t it make more sense to use the already accessible google drive for that?

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I second ErikBlues opinion with a twist -
why not store the DB with the media files as an option? this would work for Google / OneDrive / or good old local NAS etc


Good idea! At the moment it is not worth paying the subscription for me, but with this feature I would be back with an active subscription.

And as motivation for Firecore team: notice that in these “not family sharing environments” each user needs his own license/subscription, which is more money for developers.

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Subscribed to this topic. I’d like to know too.


Vote up the idea guys!

I think there are similar threads already that you might want to upvote instead. This one is for NAS but wants the same thing.

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Also, you might consider using custom metadata xml or renaming files to get the correct metadata the first time or use mkvtoolnix to designate the subtitle to use. Not sure what other sorts of things you would want to share between the two of you. Problem with sharing different users is you might have different favorites selected to be a source for your library and that could cause a conflict between the two. Sure, maybe you two might share everything but not everyone might.

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I think this is not the same thing. I am not using a NAS, I am using google drive since NAS streaming always fails (upload speeds are never enough, I’ve tried it 100 different ways: NAS streaming only works for LAN).
But I will look for other posts, thanks for the suggestion.

What I want is for metadata and subtitles to sync, so that I can throw 100 movies into a folder and me and my brother can “fix them” while using the software.

Having to rename the files manually is something I have been doing, but it doesn’t work for many titles.

I don’t know how to use custom metadata files. It would be great if I could search for the correct IMDB entry and then have infuse save that info into a XML File next to the video file. But I would like that file to contain only a link reference to the right title, and not include all metadata and images.

The ideal solution would be:

  • save the library on google drive
  • access it from both locations for movie identification
  • keep same library format (lightweight: don’t save into that library file any info that can be downloaded)
  • for play counts, favorites etc use the same solution as is done with icould today

I am not asking for a whole new app, I just want to use google drive as a library save location using the same rules and options that the software already has today.

Agreed! We really need this! I have the same situation.
Why would it only be possible with iCloud account, we all know how the country/region limitations are exhausting. Google drive would make this much easier.

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Thanks for the warm welcome James!

Is there any chance we can expect this type of feature in the near future? How much work would be involved to add this feature? Is there any change we can crowdfund to get this feature added somehow?

And most of all: what is your opinion on this? Do you think it makes sense and, if not, why? Would love to know more about which direction infuse’s development aims to go.

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