Sync between Infuse Pro 6.4.5 (3106) and 6.1.5 (2714)

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I am using infuse pro 6 on my Iphone and Apple TV 4, on both devices metadata and everything is synced well.

I have an old IPad 3 on which iOS 9.3.6 is running and on which I was able to install only 6.1.5 version of infuse 6 pro.

Questions I have:

Is it possible to sync the shared library created by the newer version of infuse pro on atv and iphone to the old IPad? There is no sync on/off widget in the older app, but icloud-drive is activated and access of infuse app is allowed. The older app on the old IPad hasn’t started syncing yet. As I added a source (smb) manually it started fetching metadata but this seems to be a new process …

Does iCloud-Drive handle the two diffenrent version of the infuse pro app as two different apps?

Must I be afraid of my library created by the new app which I use on atv and iphone? I fear that data colud be overwritten by the old app, because many movies are tagged manually, that was much work …

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I’m about 90% sure that there were some major changes in the iCloud sync in one or more of the more recent releases of Infuse so you probably won’t get sync between those two versions.

HI NC_Bullseye, thank you for answering me. Both versions are at the level of 6, but perhaps you are right. Perhaps some of the developpers is reading this and can give an answer with 100% certainty …

Do you think, with running these two versions I am causing confusion in my data stored in the iCloud?

I’ll have to defer to @james on this one. I’m guessing that the older version will sync it’s particulars to iCloud for itself and the newer version will have it’s own separate data since you can’t control the sync on/off in the older one.

I guessing with so many changes and improvements in the iCloud syncing over the last several updates since 6.2 it would be a stretch for it to cover both.

We’ve reworked iCloud sync quite a bit in recent versions, and you will need version 6.4.4 (or later) in order to sync with the current version (6.4.6).

Syncing with older versions is not possible. Sorry.

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