Switching TV Show Metadata Providers - Thoughts? (Updated Feb 9, 2021)

One other thought/concern, will this impact the memory used on the different devices like the stock ATV and iPhones at 32GB of memory that it would cause more frequent loss of metadata due to other apps needing that space on occasion?

With the recent changes at TVDB they have really closed off what was easily accessible info in the forum so TMDB is looking better all the time.

I don’t foresee there being any meaningful differences in storage requirements.

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If that’s the way you’re going, then fine, no doubt there will be teething issues in data matching so can I ask for some kind of “Don’t update” selection. ATM movie posters using TMDB change all the time in infuse, so adding the same to TV shows would be a nightmare, also will there be a way of selecting broadcast date or disc episodes?
Keep up the good work

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This is something we hope to add in the future, but it will likely be a separate addition.

I would be down to switching to tmdb for tv shows especially if we can choose the episode order shown under Overview > Episode Groups. It’s such a crucial feature that IMO is sorely missing.

Just make the switch and we will build tmdb one show at a time. The sooner you switch the quicker people can get on it. I also really liked the original idea to use tvdb as a fallback but since they are going paid, just make the switch. No half-stepping. If a show you have is missing on tmdb, just add it, simple as that.

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A little late to the party. But is it possible to change between providers of metadata?
As I can see thetvdb and themoviedb doesn’t always categorise tv shows in the same way.
Example, Pokémon. Thetvdb says that there’s only 19 seasons, and themoviedb says there are 23.

Once we make the switch to TMDb, it will no longe be possible to use TheTVDB. The time and effort require to update/maintain access to their newer API just isn’t going to be worth it.

IMDb also has 23 seasons listed, so I guess TMDb is correct?

Another question on the change to TMDB.

With the change in metadata and Infuse internal reference numbers for series and episodes will this affect the watched status?

While my Plex will continue to serve my metadata, maybe there is a compromise to be made for those that get data directly…

While building on the new API’s for TMDB, why not build a global switch and fallback to theTVDB while access is still available? That would mean that any missing data in TMDB requested falls back on theTVDB while its available, and the moment the licensing and access for theTVDB lapses, toggle the global switch and get out of theTVDB loop for good…

This fallback will take a split second to fall back on theTVDB data, but the compromise it enables for missing data, languages and other objects might just be worth it…

I know this is extra work, but surely less than updating an entire API version or having users complain about missing data…

My guess is that theTVDB has gotten greedy and might very well revert as soon as they realise everyone is jumping ship… Pressure on TMDB will increase and they will most likely need more support so it will come with costs eventually…

Also, someone with full access to theTVDB API should be scraping the hell out of the data and populating it on TMDB…

Thanks for the answer. When will you make the change completely to themoviedb ? Is it something in the upcoming infuse 7 ?

James is keeping the first post of this thread updated so keep an eye out there. :wink:

I was originally up for switching but I’m thinking now that it might be a bad idea after all for people with thousands of episodes named and sorted based on TVDb.
Furthermore, TMDB does not support (nor have any plans of supporting) DVD and other alternate ordering of episodes which at least TVDB has even tho no way to access via infuse atm.

Unless you can work on the suggestion linked below, you might end up screwing a lot of folks, some who don’t have access to this blog so they might not even know what’s coming.

My only question right now is why can’t you provide access to both providers considering that Jellyfin is a free alternative that gives you access to both providers?

Better the devil you know…

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The info for shows on TMDb and TheTVDB are very similar, so we don’t expect any major issues here. Trakt is also switching providers, and they put created a tool to compare things side-by-side. While there are some minor differences, most of the content matches up well.

With regard to alternate ordering, the thread you referenced is pretty old, and TMDb does actually support alternate orders for series. This is something we plan to integrate into Infuse in a future update.

Keeping both providers is something we considered, but any app that wants to continue using TheTVDB after they shut down their old APIs in the coming months will need to work to implement their new v4 API, which is quite a bit different. The conclusion we came to is the time that would be devoted to implementing this new API would be better spent on some of the great features found in our Suggestions area, including the one you linked. :slight_smile:

If they support alternate ordering and you can make that accessible by infuse then that would be a big step. That was my biggest issue I guess. That and combined episodes. I also despise the 680x1000 poster low-limit on TVDB and look forward to the higher quality TMDB artwork.

I’ll hold you to this.
Let’s get those 5-6 year old suggestions with massive support worked on and out the way. I’m not gonna lie, it kills me inside everytime I see infuse updated and on the release notes it says NEW… then I see JellyFin/Emby intergration/support instead of features people actually suggested like say, Custom Movie Collections so we don’t have to fight every time with TMDB over their definition of “Collection” , et cetera, et cetera :wink:
Best of luck. Looking forward to infuse 7.


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It will be good for the episodes in two files

In China, there are a large number of Emby users writing content for movies and TV series on TMDB. This makes me very envious because their media library is Chinese content.

If Infuse uses TMDB, this will be a very, very good thing for us Chinese users!



While working on this, please consider the option to “manually add the TMdb code”:

Point Infuse to the specific thetvdb / themoviedb page & language - #11 by thepopol777

Thanks !