Switched to External USB HD / Lost Movies / TV shows

I have apple tv version 3.0.2.

Just bought and installed ATV flash successfully.

I switched to a 500 GB external USB drive and now cannot watch previously downloaded movies / TV shows from iTunes. The list of movies and TV shows show up, but the icons for the individual content are lost and when I try to play the content it says that “No Content Was Found”

However, when I go to Settings / General / About it says my capacity is 462 GB and available is 381 GB which leads me to believe the content has been transferred to the external hard drive but I have some incorrect setting.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Was the missing content purchased on the AppleTV? If so, the AppleTV will need to be synced with iTunes prior to switching the drive to external.

The following should resolve your issue.

  1. Revert to internal storage through Maintenance → Settings menu.
  2. Disconnect external drive.
  3. Sync AppleTV with iTunes (this will transfer your purchases back to your computer).
  4. Format external drive
  5. Connect external drive and setup as primary storage as before.

the appletv was never synced with itunes.

thanks for your suggestion. let me try that.