Switch to TMDB and Miss Marple (BBC series)

Here is a screen shot from the pinned post in this forum, entitled “Infuse is now using TMDb for TV shows”, and which is not accepting replies:



Oh dear! TheTVDB is set up the way it is for good reason. Looney Tunes is a great example. Another is the Miss Marple BBC series from 1984-1992.

Wikipedia actually has the most logical presentation of this series. One season, with twelve episodes, one for each story. Some episodes have multiple air dates because they were broken into smaller chunks for broadcast. The BBC website at least has everything on one page.

On TMDB this series is a right mess (search for Miss Marple). Some episodes were broadcast in a single night, so TMDB represents them as movies, whereas some episodes were split over two or three nights, so TMDB considers them to be mini-series and therefore represents them as TV shows. So I end up with 5 movies and 7 TV shows, all for something which should display in my library as a single TV show.

What makes this especially irritating is that Infuse typically does a great job of presenting movies exactly how I want to see them, by taking related movies and grouping them together, such as the 007 movies. But with Miss Marple it’s fundamentally broken, as a direct result of the switch to TMDB.

So what’s the solution? Do we pressure TMDB to change their rules and arrange their content more like TheTVDB does? I am already pursuing that. (UPDATE: According to them they have a universe feature planned to bring together everything in a franchise.) What if they choose to leave things as they are? Is there a way I can tell Infuse that something is a TV show rather than a movie? How do I do that?

I’d suggest that you label them as TMDB has. From what I’ve read they were an assortment of mini series, movies and tv episodes when originally broadcast on BBC. It appears that TMDB has classified these as they aired, a few episodes equals a TV mini series, and the ones that aired all at once were classified as movies.

Once you get them recognized and can see the info I’d say create a playlist in Infuse in the order you feel is what you want to follow.

I haven’t see many Shows/Series that are as convoluted as this but TMDB does tend to follow the original air dates and this one was odd to say the least.

I was able to get them recognised by following the TMDB arrangement, but that’s not the arrangement I want, nor is it a logical arrangement.

I’ve put them all together in one folder and selected “Use Local Metadata” for the folder, plus I selected “Use Embedded Metadata” as a global setting. Now my Miss Marple episodes are using the images and descriptions which are embedded into the tags in the file, which is what I expected. But they have all been moved to the “Other” section in Infuse, which I did not expect. The embedded tags include Media Kind = TV Show, so why doesn’t Infuse read that tag and move the media into the “TV Shows” section?

What I was suggesting is to create a playlist once you got them all recognized by TMDB

I appreciate the suggestion, and I may indeed do that. But I’d also like to know why Infuse doesn’t seem to pick up the embedded tag Media Kind = TV Show. It also seems not to pick up season numbers and episode numbers from embedded tags either. Do I need to use xml/nfo files instead?

Sorry for the trouble. There were some cases where TheTVDB was a bit more lenient in organizing movies as TV shows, or grouping different series together. This is one such case.

The BBC site has most of these listed as separate miniseries, so I believe that is what TMDB is following with their organization.

Some of the titles are classified as TV movies on TMDB, and this is how IMDb has them tagged as well.

I guess one solution here if you wanted to see them altogether would be to adjust the filenames to match what is listed on TMDB, then place them all in the same folder. You could browse via folder to see everything, and even add a favorite on the Home Screen if these are titles you want to access often.

Alternatively, you could use XML/NFO files to adjust the titles of the movies to ensure they include Miss Marple (EG Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery) and then use the search feature in Infuse and search for Miss Marple to see everything.

Thanks @james. The solution I’ve come up with is:

  • Everything in one folder
  • folder.jpg file for series cover art
  • If I name everything according to TMDB, the shows are not sorted correctly, so I’ve dispensed with TMDB and selected Use Local Metadata for the folder. I had titles and descriptions embedded in the files anyway from when I previously used iTunes.
  • In order for Infuse to sort them correctly, and display recognisable season and episode numbers, and for the filenames to be sufficiently descriptive when I’m not using Infuse, I’ve come up with this naming system:
    • Miss Marple s1984e01 The Body in the Library Part 1.mp4
    • Miss Marple s1984e02 The Body in the Library Part 2.mp4
    • Miss Marple s1984e03 The Body in the Library Part 3.mp4
    • Miss Marple s1985e01 The Moving Finger Part 1.mp4
    • Miss Marple s1985e02 The Moving Finger Part 2.mp4
    • Miss Marple s1985e03 A Murder Is Announced Part 1.mp4
    • Miss Marple s1985e04 A Murder Is Announced Part 2.mp4
    • Miss Marple s1985e05 A Murder Is Announced Part 3.mp4
    • Miss Marple s1985e06 A Pocketful of Rye Part 1.mp4
    • Miss Marple s1985e07 A Pocketful of Rye Part 2.mp4
    • Miss Marple s1986e01 The Murder at the Vicarage.mp4
    • etc
  • To prevent Infuse adding a pile of thumbnails to the Other section, exclude the folder from the index with a hidden .nomedia file
  • Access the media by browsing the folder
  • Search is not possible, unfortunately, because of the exclusion, but I’d rather lose the search than have a mess in the Other section

Of course, this situation is not ideal. Is there a way for me to tell Infuse that something is a TV show when I’m using local metadata? This remains the essential question, and I still don’t have a clear answer to it. Surely either or both of the following could be made to work:

  • proper support for xml/nfo files for TV shows and episodes (not sure if this feature doesn’t exist or it’s just not well documented)
  • recognise embedded metadata which describes Media Kind, TV Show and TV Episode #. Here is a screen shot from Subler which illustrates just some of the available tags:

PS. @NC_Bullseye is probably wondering about my reaction to his suggestion of using TMDB (resulting in a mix of movies and TV shows) and then creating a playlist to bring them together. I’m glad to know about the playlist feature, so thanks for pointing it out. But in this case, although it would enable me to see the entire series in one place, which is great, the series would still be half-visible in the Movies section (as five separate movies) and half-visible in the TV Shows section (as seven separate mini-series), which is definitely not great. So I won’t be using a playlist for this.