Switch plan during free trial?

A few days ago I signed up for the monthly plan, which came with a 1 week free trial. I really like Infuse and think I’d like to switch to the yearly plan instead. If I do the switch to the yearly plan before the week trial is up what happens with the free trial? Will I be immediately billed for yearly? Or does it switch to the one month trial associated with the yearly? Just curious.

Sorry but it’s one free trial per user so if you switch you’ll be billed for the year no free month trial. One plus though, if you go to the year then you get a year for the same total cost as 10 months at the monthly rate.

Don’t forget to cancel your monthly sub when you start your annual.


It’s actually not possible to have 2 subscriptions (or trials) on the same Apple ID, so switching to the annual plan will automatically cancel the monthly trial/subscription.


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