Swap to Airplay is to slow...


iPhone 5 and iPad2
AirPort Extreme provides wifi
WdLiveHub ( 1Tb ) is connected via network cable to the Aiport Extreme
Apple Tv is connected to the wifi of the Airport Extreme
infuse 3 pro ( yes i upgraded even dough i dont use it, u guys deserve it )

Acessing the WdLiveHub via uPnp or SMB offer the same results

i Acess a movie, it takes like 5-8 seconds to start streaming on my iDevice ( ipad or iphone ), wich is roughly the same as the infuse 2 ( maybe a little longer, but it still ok )

Then after the stream as started i would change the display to the apple TV, but in this new version it just too long ( clear reference to the rent is too dam high ) for the video start to play in the apple tv, like 20 seconds or soo, its frustrating.

The intereactions after the video is playing in the apple tv are equaly frustrating, to change the subtiltles or to download them, the action is ok, but for the movie to start playing again normaly it takes like 10/15 seconds.

Anyone has the same issue? Help!!!..

ps: the subtilte crash before the movie ended is now fixed :slight_smile: good job

Same here. Videos on Apple TV are slow to begin.

Also, when I switch to Apple TV, sometimes a “glitch” happens (IIRC after changing the subtitle file) which screws up the sync with subtitles altogether.