Surveillance Camera Feeds

Is there any way I can stream live feeds from my surveillance cameras? I can point to the where they are stored on my Synology 218+, but it only shows those that have been recorded. I also have the channels app.



I don’t know if you can do it with Infuse (maybe but I don’t have the ability to test) but you can with VLC on ATV.

I have figured it out using Channels

How? So others can benefit of it? I assume you streamed from Synology surveillance station?

Through the channels app from my synology 218+

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id=“South” channel-number=“1.1” tvg-name=“South” tvc-guide-title=“South” tvc-guide-description=“Live view from South” tvc-stream-vcodec=“h264” tvc-stream-acodec=“aac” tvc-guide-art=“”,South

Im not fully sure if I understand. could you be a bit more precise how you got from a camera on the synology to show it in the infuse player please?

I could not get live feeds, but I pointed it to where the recordings are kept on the synology. I can watch the most recent recording if I take the time to translate the name of the recording.

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