Supported Lighting drives

I was wondering what other lightning/USB flash drives other than Sandisk iXPand are supported or plan to be supported?

We don’t have any plans to support other drives at this time.

This is mainly a technical limitation as each brand/model requires access to a resources from the manufacturer and approval from Apple. Unfortunately most manufactures do not provide access for 3rd party apps like Infuse.

Thanks anyway.

I hace a question on this. I bought a Sandisk iXpand and works great. But haven’t managed to get it up and running through infuse. Is it by “add to favorites” ??

When connected, the iXpand Drive will appear in the Files section of Infuse.

The upcoming 5.5.3 update will also allow for content stored on an iXpand to be included in Infuse’s Library.



Another question about iXPand drive :

I can access videos from Infuse only if I put all medias at the root of the drive. When I put videos inside folders, Infuse indicates it’s empty.

Do you have a solution ?

Thank you.

One thing you can try is to ensure the firmware of the device is up to date.

This can be done by downloading the iXpand drive app ( on your device. Upon opening the app, with the iXpand connected, it should check and prompt you to update the firmware if needed.

Hello James,

Thanks for you reply.

It seems my iXpand is already up to date. I have no message from the app. Firmware of the device is :

The file system must be exFAT or HFS+ might work with infuse ?

exFAT is what we recommend using.

exFAT works great with my 128 GB Sandisk iXPand USB 3.0 flash drive.