Support skip intro for Jellyfin

A plugin is available for Jellyfin to add functionality for intro skipping. It adds an API route with info about detected intro:

GET /Episode/[item id]/IntroTimestamps

    "EpisodeId": "[item id]",
    "Valid": true,
    "IntroStart": 100,
    "IntroEnd": 130,
    "ShowSkipPromptAt": 95,
    "HideSkipPromptAt": 110

All timestamps are in seconds. More info on github

It would be a nice feature before Jellyfin implements this officially.


+1 much needed

API docs


What is the source of this data? Is Jellyfin analyzing videos like plex or something else?

Yeah, the jellyfin plugin is analyizing audio of the entire tv-show library. if it detects the same audio over multiple episodes/seasons it gives you the option to skip the section.

And by looking at the popularity of the github repo, its most likely going to be added to the official Jellyfin repo



This is indeed very interesting suggestions. Would love to see Jellyfin compete with Plex on this one, it’s such a handy feature! :slight_smile:

Would love to see that integrated!

Would love to get this feature integrated. Let me know if anyway we can help. Thanks.

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Any updates?

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To see what’s on the upcoming features list you can follow this thread.

Also the developers will tag some suggestions with indicators of that suggestions status and you can see what those tags mean here.

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Any updates? Only tagged as :blue_square:Suggestions…:frowning:

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They are prolly waiting for the plugin to be merged into Jellyfin.

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This plugin won’t ever be merged into Jellyfin. But what will happen in Jellyfin is universal support for markers (intro, credits, outro, commercials…) that external plugins will set.


The work plugin dev ConfusedPolarBear, and plugin+PR dev endrl have put in has paid off!
It looks as though the jellyfin team are pushing to include endrl’s pull request in 10.9.
This will be official and part of jellyfin itself, as opposed to a plugin, as in this suggestion.
With 2/3 reviewers having given approval at time of writing (and the speed at which endrl has been working), it seems likely this PR will be merged in time for 10.9.

With the introduction of skip intro for both Plex in 7.0.4 and Emby in 7.7.2 (planned), it would be awesome to have the same functionality for Jellyfin once it’s available.


This is great news!

Once this makes it into Jellyfin core we can look at supporting this once 10.9 gets a bit closer to release.

Tagging as planned for now.


That’s a really great news. Let’s hope 10.9 is near completions and this PR makes it into it. We’ve been waiting for it for quite a long time now :wink:

Huge news and great decision for planming to implement this James.

Unfortunately, this feature has been pushed back to the future Jellyfin 10.10 version. It won’t be in the 10.9 update. However, the timeframe between major versions should be significantly shorter than previously, looking at about ~6 months, but that’s a rough estimate.

Is it possible to beta test this somehow?