Support skip intro for Jellyfin via plugin

A plugin is available for Jellyfin to add functionality for intro skipping. It adds an API route with info about detected intro:

GET /Episode/[item id]/IntroTimestamps

    "EpisodeId": "[item id]",
    "Valid": true,
    "IntroStart": 100,
    "IntroEnd": 130,
    "ShowSkipPromptAt": 95,
    "HideSkipPromptAt": 110

All timestamps are in seconds. More info on github

It would be a nice feature before Jellyfin implements this officially.


+1 much needed

API docs


What is the source of this data? Is Jellyfin analyzing videos like plex or something else?

Yeah, the jellyfin plugin is analyizing audio of the entire tv-show library. if it detects the same audio over multiple episodes/seasons it gives you the option to skip the section.

And by looking at the popularity of the github repo, its most likely going to be added to the official Jellyfin repo



This is indeed very interesting suggestions. Would love to see Jellyfin compete with Plex on this one, it’s such a handy feature! :slight_smile: