Support Resolution as a sort method

Would love this as currently I have 2 movie folders, 4K and anything else. As a workaround I have a folder favorite on the main screen but would prefer a library favorite as they load much better.

+1 from me.

This is similar to the request in Add resolution as a fitler for favoriting 4k content and either approach suits me.

I take a close approach to @thrasher - I have a 4K folder, a 4K HDR folder and everything else. My current workaround is to set content in the 4K and 4K HDR folders with a genre of 4K. Then I have the 4K genre as a favourite so 4K files from both folders merge together.

I would love to resolution sorting. It would be a quick and easy way to see which videos I need to upgrade.

Pretty sure release 5.8.4 has delivered us this functionality through a library filter based on media resolution. All my collection is now neatly sorted.

It sure has - Kudos to the Firecore team on that. Makes finding my 4K titles heaps easier now :slight_smile:

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