Support position tags in SRT files

I found this thread that is two years old: Support position tags in SRT files
same issues, same request to increase subtitles readability.
two years.

Thanks for the report!

Position tag support was added awhile back for styled subs (SSA/ASS), though I’m not sure we’ve ever seen these included in SRT files.

We’ll take a look and see if we can get this fixed up.

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Quick update.

This issue should be resolved in the upcoming 5.8.2 version. :slight_smile:

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Great news! ?

I think that this is related to my thread External Closed Captions from Plex Server Display Hard Spaces as Text. My SRT files contain this sort of encoding as well.

I finally found some time to check the new improved subtitles rendering.

I’m testing it with episode 2 of the 5th season of “The 100”. The video is from american source with burn in forced subtitles, then there is the italian audio track and italian forced subtitles, with “{\an8}” tag.

this is what it looks like now with Infuse (and Plex as server): 20181019-192649998-i-OS hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB (sorry for the poor picture quality)

as you can see, subtitles now are displayed without the “{\an8}” (right) but the “place” is wrong since the “{\an8}” should force the position of the subtitle on the top of the video. Where is displayed is barely readable due to the burn-in english subtitle already present in the video.

this is what it looks like on Windows 10 with the default “Video” player: Immagine1 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB.
the subtitle is placed at the bottom (wrong) and with the “{\an8}” tag (wrong).

this is with VLC: Immagine2 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
the subtitle is placed at the top (right) and without the “{\an8}” tag (right) but it displays the subtitle all in italic while only one word should be in italic (wrong), so by now only VLC on my PC does (near) all right handling the subtitle.

so here my question: the place at the bottom is “by design” (Infuse ignores and will always ignore the “{\an8}” tag) or a TvOS limit (it can only display subtitles at the bottom of the video)?

Anyway, thanks for improving subtitles rendering!

I played the same file from my iPad with official Plex app casting it to my Chromecast 2 and the subtitles are displayed on top of the video, so I guess that Infuse or TvOS are “in charge” of displaying them in the “wrong” position.

Hi all.
here we are again! :frowning:
new version, same old bug.
infuse still show that nasty {\an8} when present in the subtitles track.
it was fixed long ago but version 6.x still has it!
sad regression.

and still, the position of the subtitle itself is still “fixed” with infuse while Plex (or Netflix and Prime Video with their own content, if that matters) display the the subtitle without strange characters and in the “correct” position.
will this ever be fixed?

no help? :frowning:

Dear ,

When I use infuse 7 for TVOS to watch tv show with .srt format subtitle file, I notice that some format function cannot be proceeded by infuse.
Would you please advise how to handle or waiting for future update?

Here’s example.

01:31:56,887 → 01:31:58,012
{\pos(250,270)} Come on. Who needs
something like this?

00:00:42,140 → 00:00:44,070
{\fs18}{\an8}{\pos(190,5)}5 days

something like this?

Will infuse support it? {\fs18}{\an8}{\pos(190,5)}


infuse 7 support it?

This is a question that the developer is probably going to have to answer and it’s a weekend so it may take a few days for them to look into this.

any update?

Support for position tags in SRT files has been added in today’s 7.5.3 update. :slight_smile:


Would be nice if subtitles on top would check if there is any padding added to make them simetric to the bottom ones but in reverse.


That would be nice indeed.

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@james Excellent work! Thank you for prioritizing this!

I noticed this as well… subtitles on the bottom have a bit of padding (which is great), but subtitles on the top {\an8} are right on the top of the screen. It would be great if this could be tweaked so they’re symmetrical.


Yes, that could be great !

Today 7.5.7 update adjusts the padding for top-aligned subtitles.

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks a bunch team!