Support Plex "Smart Collections" in Direct Mode

For those of us that primarily manage our library in Plex and want to make Direct Mode in Infuse our primary way of accessing our library, this would be HUGELY helpful.

I understand Collections aren’t supported yet – for some reason “playlists” were prioritized first, which are surely less commonly used to organize a library…

In any case, I really hope that when Collections are eventually supported, that this includes Smart Collections. In Plex, Smart Collections are basically Collections that have dynamic criteria. They are the ultimate power user function. If you want to have a section of your Home Screen that shows media that meets very specific criteria, you could. Just set it up in Plex and add it from Infuse. That would be great.

Use cases:

  • Automatically generate collections of horror movies from the 1980s
  • Automatically generate collections of certain directors or actors
  • Automatically generate collections of TV shows with unwatched episodes
  • Automatically filter out “watched” from any collection (e.g., if you’re working through a backlog)

This alone would solve a lot of the shortcomings of the current Direct Mode integration by unlocking a bunch of functionality for Plex users. I understand that the ability to “browse” a direct library is coming too, which is table stakes, but I believe that this is the feature that will make direct mode truly sing. Just wanted to create a separate thread to make sure it is considered.

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Developer details:

  • In the Collections API, there is a field that indicates if something is a Smart Collection
  • This is probably a lot simpler to implement than re-inventing all the same filters in the Infuse UI via a library browser – and also a lot more useful, because they are saved become part of the UI vs. an ad hoc exercise.
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