Support Plex’s CD2,CD3 (Please do not move to "Multi-Episode File Naming?" and close. My request is completely different)

Hello, James.I posted the same feature request last time and then you misunderstood me and mistakenly moved my request to “Multi-Episode File Naming?” and closed my request.

No, my feature request is the exact opposite of this one! What I need is this: an episode, consisting of two or three video files, and I need to have Plex recognise them as one, in other words, my request is the opposite of “Multi-Episode File Naming?”!

Plex supports this, but infuse+Plex doesn’t, I wish infuse was perfectly compatible with Plex!

The following is what I reported last time:

Hi, Plex can recognize Part2, Part3 of an episode of a series. but Infuse doesn’t support it.

Plex is supported in this way, which may give you some reference. Such as picture, for episodes with multiple parts, Plex will only recognize it as one episode, but time is the sum of three parts, and after playing Part1, it will automatically play Part2 and Part3, but the number of episodes will still be the same

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