Support Plex folder view


Is there a way (or a planned function) to display plex content matching storage folders ?

PS: not a huge fan of libraries


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I have a plex library where the library type is set to Other Videos. Inside of it are 8 folders. When I view this library with Infuse, it shows me a huge number of thumbnails spattered all over instead of the 8 folders I have. Enable/Disabling List View doesn’t change anything. Viewing this library with plex online or the plex client, the 8 folders are shown.


Unfortunately, Infuse does not support Plex’s folder view at this time. Sorry.

Same issue here.
Would be very usefull


Also have this issue. It’s a dealbreaker for using Infuse for me since I need to see the folder structure for all my libraries. Any chance this gets implemented in the near future?

Has this been implemented yet?

I don’t think so but I moved this thread to the suggestions forum.

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I want this!

When and is it possible to implement it ?
Very lacking.

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Proud purchaser of lifetime sub and subscription owner on my wife’s account (so I can support the product and company). I’ve been using Infuse Pro now and really enjoying it but there is one thing that is really hurting the user experience!

For Plex & Jellyfin viewing through Infuse, there doesn’t seem to be any folder support. I arrange my shows in folders and playing videos through Plex or Jellyfin shares seem to just lump everything into 1 folder making it very cumbersome to scroll through. Searching the forum it sounds like this has been requested time and time again but it’s 2022 and I can’t seem to figure out a way to do it. Both Jellyfin and Plex apps do support folder structure with their native clients.

Please someone tell me I am doing something wrong. I like arranging my movies in folders and don’t want to change that unless there’s some very compelling reason to do so. Infuse devs, please, please implement this. It’s a glaring design omission to what is otherwise a gorgeous interface.

Thank you!

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I don’t say this often at all, but I am seriously dismayed as to how Infuse cannot implement what seems to be a critical and a most basic UI feature. The user experience is so harmed by this really senseless decision to allow users to be able to see the folder structure in both Plex and Jellyfin when native clients have them.

Where is the outrage from the user base? My goodness people, email the devs, call them, post on the forums. This is a basic feature that’s badly needed for this beautiful player.

Plex itself botched the folder view quite some time ago, there are many complains over there all of which have been ignored for a significantly long period. There is a working around with InFuse if you are willing to use an SMB setup. It will display folders first and then scrolling down any movies that are not in a folder. Here is what it looks like:

Unfortunately InFuse has not addressed the most basic file structure for users. Here is my file structure for the Movies folder:

I’ve been trying to find a solution to this problem being unaware of this thread.

This is my thread

in which @james suggested I follow this thread.

I did point out that surely Infuse DOES access folder data from Plex for TV Shows to make a “season” appear in a folder. I did try creating a new TV shows folder in Plex and putting in one of my Home videos folders (I also tried with one of my Movies folder) having applied the Plex convention on naming them S01E01 etc, but strangely they didn’t show in Infuse at all.

While I do have some tv shows, my main use of Infuse is for movies. You can use Plex with Infuse but I’ve found that it’s not necessary for our movie collection. The above jpgs are showing the AppleTV running Infuse without Plex.

For TV Shows, I actually am using a Plex share because I do not like how Infuse deals with the way I have my shows saved. Haven’t really played around with their file structure to see if I can duplicate how the movies are shown.

However, I just created a favorite of the TV Shows folder from a direct smb share (not using Plex) and after Infuse gets done doing its thing, it appears Infuse does recognize seasons and displays them as if they were folders. When I first click on the TvShows thumbnails, I get a single icon for each show. If I click on Hogans Heros I get a grid showing a thumbnail for each season. Oh, one other point, I do not use Library in Infuse.

See below including file structure.