Support new Apple TV (2021) remote

I can confirm what @Roda said that skipping 10s works only if you rest your finger for a second on the left/right side button of the wheel (until the skip-symbol appears) and then press the button. But you can get the 10s skip to work properly (such that there’s no need to rest the finger on the button) by going to Apple TV Settings > Remotes and Devices > Clickpad, and set it to Click Only. The problem with this is that then you can’t swipe though.

I also confirm that on 7.0.3 in order to skip 10 seconds backward or forward, you need to keep a finger on the left or right of the wheel for about 1 second, until the 10 seconds icon appears. It is not convenient at all especially if you try to backward 1 min :slight_smile: Would be great to have 10 sec. backward/forward just by clicking the outer ring left/right buttons like it is done in other players/streaming apps.

Is that how it is done on the Apple TV app? Apple hasn’t updated their human interface guidelines yet for the new remote.

Yes, that’s how the 2021 Siri Remote works when watching Apple TV+ shows in the Apple TV app - pressing a left/right wheel button immediately skips 10s back/forward. You only need to rest your finger on the wheel ring if you want to scrub by rotating your finger around the wheel (although I don’t think that’s any more accurate a method than the regular left/right swipe).

version 7.0.4 did not fix the problem skipping 10 seconds back and forth - how hard can it be - it is VERY ANNOYING!

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7.0.4 didn’t list fixes for the new remote but 7.0.5 does so a fix may be coming in 7.0.5

Just an update to this information, because I joined beta-testing lately:
The support for new AppleTV remote seems to have moved to 7.0.6.

The Upcoming Features thread referenced above has been updated.

Next suggestion for 2021 SiriiRemote:

  • tap on outer circle move sursor to left/right/up/down (same asi click)
  • swipe left/right/ will in list of movies will skip to previous/next row, when cursor is on start/end of row
  • swipe up/down on start/end of list will skip to end/start of list


Do we know when the new Apple Tv Remove will be fully supported ?
We can’t use the ring to scroll forward/backwards, the touch ring acts like the touch surface on the previous remote.

I searched before posting, sorry if this was asked previously.

I moved your post to a currently running suggestion for this feature.

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Also, note that currently this suggestion is marked as in-progress. :wink:

new version 7.0.5 and still no support for the new remote. Any ETA when this will be the case?

There were a lot of other improvements for 7.0.5 and it didn’t make it. Looks like it is coming up for 7.0.6 though.

looks like the developer´s focus lies on other improvements and this has no priority. ok… I´ll reconsider my priority on not renewing my subscription. Oh wait - maybe it´s in version 7.0.6 - oh no i think, it won´t make it. Maybe in version 7.0.7… 7.0.8…

Yeah maybe they will push it out indefinitely or maybe the developers are targeting larger user base improvements at the moment and things they have been working on longer than they have had the new remote. There are still many high profile apps, including YouTube, that don’t fully supports this new remote control.

at least the “high profile apps” like YouTube, Netflix and so on support the simple task of skipping 10 sec back/forward

This is currently in progress.

In general, we’re able to work on a number of things in parallel and the changes in 7.0.5 were simply ready to go before this was ready.

Thanks for your patience.

I see the low-level UI navigation stuff like legs….without them we can’t get anywhere.
Should always make sure the simplest but most effective features remain priority #1. If finding stuff is too hard, most people just move on.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

I´m absolutely with you - couldn´t have said it better