Support manual cast & crew lists using NFO files

@james Now that this is planned, how will the implementation affect those of us who have local .nfo generated within the last six to twelve months or so from TMDB via Kodi (or other process)?

Will my (older) local .nfo override current (and possibly more up-to-date) cast and crew data that Infuse would otherwise seek on import and periodically refresh; preserving my (out of date) versions of such data?

Will infuse still scrape cast and crew data from TMDB on import and just add extra entries for cast and crew found in the .nfo? Will it properly ignore duplicates?

In short, if I prefer to have the most up to date TMDB data set possible, and have chosen to correct the occasional missing entry by updating TMDB database directly instead of simply editing my own .nfo files …. Must I now remove all local cast and crew from all of my local .nfo files?

The complete Cast&Crew gets overridden, that means if an NFO is present it ignores TMDB and show the Data (Actors, Writer, Director, Producer) which are within this NFO :wink::+1:

If you like to create an local NFO (with the most up to date Data from TMDB), you could use TinyMediaManager or another similar Tool.

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I already have local .nfo for all files, but haven’t bothered with editing the cast and crew. I’ve mostly only bothered with overwriting specific titles and genres and occasionally synopses. If I delete the cast and crew sections of my .nfo files (which, while annoying, is easy enough to do in an automated way), will the data be pulled from TMDB? Or will the mere presence of .nfo files prevent that, and then leave me with nothing at all listed in Infuse for cast and crew?

Frankly, I’d much rather Infuse have been taught to respect my “sorttitle” tags prior to any local cast and crew details.

Further @james , can you with this change now publish a complete list of all local file.nfo / xml tags searched for and recognized by Infuse 7.4, for both Movie and TV categories?

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Of course if an NFO is available it use no Data from TMDB and only use the Lines within the NFO…

An Mix-Up would make an absolut Chaos!
The Best way is to use TinyMediaManger then you have this as a Base and then simply change the Things you like to do :wink::+1:

Cast/crew overriding for NFO files is available in today’s 7.4.2 update.

This sample.nfo file includes all the tags currently supported by Infuse.

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If anyone is interested:
I found an easy way to use local Pictures (saved on a NAS) to override the Cast&Crew Thumnails :wink: :+1:

On a NAS (in my case a Synology DiskStation) you can do the following steps:

Install WebStation
=> A new “Web”-Share appears

Copy the Pictures in the Main-Directory (or a subfolder) of this Web-Share!

You have to setup a DDNS-Service, described here:

Now you can directly access the pictures with your hostname:
for example:

The direct Picture-Link you can simply copy in your NFO-Files to override the Thumbnails with your local Pictures :wink:

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So if I want to keep using .nfo just for overriding title tags, I guess I need to start regularly using an external media manager to keep my cast & crew info in date? Dang.

Is there a thread to encourage you all to support <sorttitle> tags? Cause that’s the one I most wish you folks add next.

Easy? :flushed::grin:

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Yes, it’s an Workaround, not really easy :sweat_smile:
But at least it is now possible to use local Pictures :wink::+1:

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Just catching up on this and I am absolutely overjoyed that 7 now supports NFO override cast and crew. Than you SO much!

The only last thing that would make Infuse perfect for me (separate topic) would be if there was some way to easily repair broken playlist links. Those seem to be hard coded paths so if the file is moved or renamed the playlist item still shows up but it’s broken / doesn’t play. Which is fine but would be nice to have a way to repair them… like a search box could popup offering to help you find the missing file and repair the link. Maybe I’ll see if there is a topic for this (and start one if not).

Thanks again for cast and crew NFO support!!!

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Yes! This would be awesome. Maybe a mod can break this suggestion out into a new thread so it can get full attention?



Ugh. I hate the way this was implemented!
No cast & crew tags in my local .nfo files, so I no longer have cast & crew data in Infuse. Sigh.

Okay, I downloaded TinyMediaManager and pointed it at all my media files.

How do I go about updating and replacing all the cast & crew data (and ONLY the cast & crew data) from my current .nfo files?

I generated all my current .nfo files fresh in the past 6 months or so with TMDB data via Kodi (v.18.1). Does Kodi not download complete cast & crew (as compared to what is listed on TMDB, and compared to what TMM would download)?

… Because, since the Infuse 7.4.2 update, my cast & crew data appears to has been decimated (since I have local .nfo file for other reasons, but never needed to focus on cast & crew before).

I not really understand what is your Question? :wink:

You could simply use the generated NFO-Files or modify it with your own Pictures or Tags…

Sorry. Lol.

I tried deleting my local .NFO (both at series level & for individual episodes) for a couple of TV series in my collection, and regenerating them (based on TMDB scraping) with both Kodi and TinyMediaManager.

Neither seem able to pull the complete cast and crew lists as visible on TMDB website. Why is this? Is TMM configurable to pull ALL listed cast? I couldn’t figure out how.

Also, there were other weird discrepancies. For example, with “The West Wing”, Kodi pulled the status tag as “Ended” (correct) while TMM pulled it as “Unknown”. (*not that Infuse does anything with the status tag)

I have not really much experience with TinyMediaManager, because I wrote most of my NFO-Files from scratch :sweat_smile::wink::+1:

But if you search a Movie with the Scraper in TMM, are there appear all the Cast&Crew correctly?

Please open the NFO in a Texteditor and check if the correct Actor Tags appear in the File…
Maybe then it’s a Bug in TMM? :wink:

No. That’s what I’m saying. TMDB website list hundreds of actors.
Can only get a fraction of them via scraping.

And yes, I’m looking at the generated NFO files in notepad.

Maybe someone know another Software to generate the NFO-Files with a working TMDB Scraper in it? :wink:

But it sounds strange, that TMM is not able to download all the actors correctly…
Maybe you could ask this question in a forum directly for TMM.

Dude! You’re the one who told me to use this software in the first place! Grrr.