Support manual cast & crew lists using NFO files

after the update to 7.1 the actors of all movies are gone. I only use the local nfo metadata. With infuse 7.0 the actors where displayed.

example data:


Same here. Local .nfo (via Emby). No names, no pictures. It also means that all search ability for directors/actors is gone.

This isn’t supported yet, but will be available in an upcoming version.

Moved to suggestions for now.


James, is it then with XML-Files also possible to override Cast&Crew and the Pictures?
Or does this only work with NFO?

Because my entire Library use XML, and then I have to rebuild all the Files as NFO :rofl::wink::+1:

Images for cast members is not part of the XML file spec, so this will likely only be for NFO.

Ok :wink:
Then I have a lot of work to do, but it’s ok :rofl::+1:

Maybe there is a „XML to NFO Converter“ :wink:

no support yet? firecore released a great new feature with clickable and good looking actors, and the users who are using nfo files lost the actors feature/search completely.
this is very sad! i hope this will be fixed very soon!

Just to report that this morning, after restarting Infuse, the cast&crew lists and images suddenly appeared, on all of my devices! I do use local Emby-created nfos for each movie. Firecore seems to limit the number of actors, and the images are not always identical with those on the nfo, so I suppose Firecore did create overnight its own cast&crew database?? Anyway, now I can see, use and search cast&crew, and it is great!

can you please also support local file (and remote file over http://) location of the actor images. e.g.:
<thumb /videos/images/actor/max-smith.jpg</thumb

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Kodi can get pictures of actors from the local folder “.actors”
Ex .actors/Firstname_Surname.jpg
Could you add support for this?


@james Do you now also support naming of tv shows in xml/no files?

It would be helpful to many of us to do a COMPLETE write up of these formats, what you support and not (perhaps you find some low hanging fruits while doing that).

Please refer to my previous post:


Hey James :wink:
Why was this postponed? This is very important… When is this scheduled now?

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