Support manual cast & crew lists using NFO files

after the update to 7.1 the actors of all movies are gone. I only use the local nfo metadata. With infuse 7.0 the actors where displayed.

example data:


Same here. Local .nfo (via Emby). No names, no pictures. It also means that all search ability for directors/actors is gone.

This isn’t supported yet, but will be available in an upcoming version.

Moved to suggestions for now.


James, is it then with XML-Files also possible to override Cast&Crew and the Pictures?
Or does this only work with NFO?

Because my entire Library use XML, and then I have to rebuild all the Files as NFO :rofl::wink::+1:

Images for cast members is not part of the XML file spec, so this will likely only be for NFO.

Ok :wink:
Then I have a lot of work to do, but it’s ok :rofl::+1:

Maybe there is a „XML to NFO Converter“ :wink:

no support yet? firecore released a great new feature with clickable and good looking actors, and the users who are using nfo files lost the actors feature/search completely.
this is very sad! i hope this will be fixed very soon!

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Just to report that this morning, after restarting Infuse, the cast&crew lists and images suddenly appeared, on all of my devices! I do use local Emby-created nfos for each movie. Firecore seems to limit the number of actors, and the images are not always identical with those on the nfo, so I suppose Firecore did create overnight its own cast&crew database?? Anyway, now I can see, use and search cast&crew, and it is great!

can you please also support local file (and remote file over http://) location of the actor images. e.g.:
<thumb /videos/images/actor/max-smith.jpg</thumb

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Kodi can get pictures of actors from the local folder “.actors”
Ex .actors/Firstname_Surname.jpg
Could you add support for this?


@james Do you now also support naming of tv shows in xml/no files?

It would be helpful to many of us to do a COMPLETE write up of these formats, what you support and not (perhaps you find some low hanging fruits while doing that).

Please refer to my previous post:


Hey James :wink:
Why was this postponed? This is very important… When is this scheduled now?



I used Infuse6 on atv some years ago. I have used nfo files to override cast and crew and add some own entries.

Now I have purchased the Infuse7 upgrade and installed the latest release version!

Suddenly all my manual added entries for cast and crew are gone!
What’s happening here?

How can I override cast and crew again with Infuse 7? Is this an upgrade or an functional downgrade?

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Infuse currently doesn’t support that but I’ve moved your post to the currently running suggestions thread requesting that feature.

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This basic function has been rationalized away?

I think it’s better to look for another software!

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I’ve decided to test nfo files with tinyMediaManager because my large movie collection keeps having its metadata wiped.

What I’m noticing is none of the fan art, actors, directors, etc. seems to make its way into Infuse.

Am I not doing this right? Does infuse ignore these tags?

I really wish we could save the metadata database to the share as to avoid having the metadata wiped every time the Apple TV decides it’s running out of space.

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I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

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There’s another thread in the suggestions for this feature also.

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Still waiting. Why in the world was it removed in the first place? Is there a way to downgrade to 6.x?

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Please bring back manual override of cast and crew via IFO, a feature that existed in 6.x but was apparently removed.


Great! This is also planned now :wink::+1: