Support for weirdly name files like 306 for s03e06

I would like to know when these file names are being supported as I hate that I cannot use Infuse without my PC as I can’t rename the files on my phone so the metadata doesn’t show up and then I can’t download subtitles for these episodes of TV.

This is planned for a future update, but we don’t have an ETA just yet.

Dear James, so that means my TV Shows will also not be displayed with the correct meta data at this time even if I change the Folder structure from TVShows/XYZShow S1/“Files” to the suggested TVShows/XYZShow/Season 1/“Files” ?

In other (probably more understandable) words: the meta data is taken from the file names only, and if I don’t follow at least the 1x01 scheme which would mean that I would need to add an x to all my thousands of TV Show episodes (currently named i.e. “House Of Lies 503” the files will not display with the correct meta data, correct?

If so and even if you can not give us a precise ETA, is it weeks or 1-2 months away or more than that? I would rather avoid renaming everything if possible but am keen on using infuse not only for its power but also its looks both on iOS and hopefully soon tvOS.

Thanks from an otherwise avid Infuse user

Yeah exactly it’s unbelievably annoying, they said because it would confuse files like 101 Dalmatian but that’s a small price to pay for a really good feature that would help, at least let us rename files on app.

Batch rename everything – with a proven file manager software like Apple Automator on Mac OS (or windows alternative) or since I read you want to use your phone instead of pc perhaps look at Transmit app by Panic Inc on iOS (it has basic batch renaming function which I use regularly) or for renaming a few files one by one use the file manager Documents by Readdle (free). When software tries to be good at everything, it winds up being good at nothing. Let infuse do what it does best, playing videos and fetching metadata based on relatively concise and conventional file names. it’d be a bad move to give infuse users the opportunity to fumble around on their phone and accidentally destroy their entire network share with one wrong batch rename rule. Now THAT would cause proper outrage on the forums. /my2cents

PS. Set your pc to automatically rename the files according to metadata101 rules as soon as they download.

I get what you’re talking about but at least a simple script to automatically change the metadata.
Should be able to choose whether you want it off or on