Support for the Dolby Surround format in Dolby Digital 2.0?

Hi, I was wondering if Infuse supports the Dolby Surround format, which to my knowledge is 4 channel sound (L R B[so same sound from left and right surround channels] + LFE, folded into Dolby Digital 2.0.

I have a TV Show on a DVD that has DD2.0 audio encoded as Dolby Surround. I tested the file in Infuse which resulted in a Stereo PCM output. Can Infuse not output this somehow packed into a 5.1 PCM stream?

A 2.0 audio track only includes audio data for left and right channels, so Infuse will not be able to send 5.1 audio to your receiver for these files.

However, your receiver may have some upmixing features which may allow some sort of simulated surround mode.