Support for subtitles in "Subs" subfolder

Some videos/TV shows have subtiles in a "Subs’ subfolder.
Typically we would have the videos in the main folder, then a “Subs” subfolder.
In the “Subs” subfolder, there is a subfolder for each episode, with the name of the episode, containing the subtitles.

So we have:
TvSHwEpisode S01E01.mkv
TvSHwEpisode S01E02.mkv
Subs (folder)
TvSHwEpisode S01E01 (folder)
TvSHwEpisode S01E02 (folder)

It’d be very nice if Infuse could correctly identify and play these subtitles.
(I currently rename them by adding the encosing folder’s name and move them next to the video files.)

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