Support for shows with air-dates in filenames (vs. season/episode numbers)?


I’m a new user and new to the forum. First off… what a great app! Thank you! For years I’ve had a Mac mini attached to my TV running XBMC/Kodi, and now is the first time I feel I can make a comparable transition to the AppleTV.

I tried searching for these questions prior, but only found an unanswered post.

  1. I notice Infuse has trouble identifying shows which have filenames with dates rather than sXXeXX formats (e.g. The.Daily.Show.2016.07.22 or Stephen.Colbert.2016.07.22). Is this a feature being worked on?

  2. Some folders didn’t get detected as containing a known show in the first pass and I had to go to a file, hit edit, and tell Infuse what show it was. Once I did that, that file and other files of the naming scheme got recognized and ordered in season groups with the appropriate season poster icons. However the folder containing the show never got the show’s poster icon attached to it (the poster appears in the Library view, but not the Favorite Folder view). It’s a minor annoyance, but now I have a number of folders in my library that have seasons and shows inside them, but have a regular folder icon for the show folder.

Thanks in advance for your responses.



I would really appreciate an answer to #1 above, even just the hear if it’s not supported. Interestingly, when I edit metadeta for one of the unrecognized files, I can’t seem to search for either The Daily Show or The Late Show with Stephen Colbert… I thought the metadata is retrived from, and both shows are listed there.

TV series names with a date is currently not supported … Therefore your current file names do not conform to the expected format for a TV series and will assumed to be a movie and will be looking instead at

If you changed it to conform to the expected TV series format such as The Daily Show S21E134.mkv then it will be correctly identified as a TV series and attempt to look up the metadata from

Despite being listed on T̶V̶D̶B̶ TMDB. Infuse fail to fetch metadata of the tv show “ The Daily Show”.
When clicking on “edit metadata” it doesn’t even recognize that it’s a tv show and only shows me movies suggestions.

Can you please fix that
The episodes are tagged by date of airing and not the usual SXXEXX
e.g. The.Daily.Show.2022.01.20.Francis.Ngannou.1080p

I’m using a seedbox with private tracker so I’m unfortunately unable to rename the file. I hope infuse can recognize this name style.
Thank you

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Infuse uses TMDB now, not TVDB.

It’s on TMDB too.

Yes you will need to have

I think there might be a suggestion thread for supporting alternate formats

Couldn’t find it in suggestions. But I did find people complaining about this exact issue since 2017 so it doesn’t seem like the developers are going to do anything about it anytime soon.

This I guess is what I remember seeing:

Lol it’s even older 2016. Apparently this issue will not be addressed.

Hi all,

Does anyone else have issues with talk shows not matching properly? Mine are named identically to tvdb and yet they match with completely unrelated things.

For example:

File = /Volumes/TV/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/Season 3/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - 2016-05-23 - Jennifer Lawrence, George Lopez, Tom Odell SDTV.mkv
Match = Open Season 3 Movie

Even if i edit the metadata, none of the suggestions are relevant.

What’s the issue here?


For TV shows you need to put in the season & episode number and not a date … So replace your 2016-05-23 with S03E86 in the file name.

6 years later. Still not fixed

Make sure to like the first post.

Also is there a way to query TMDb with the search bar for these specific dates of the show to return that episode? Otherwise it could be quite hard for infuse to figure it out.

These two shows are not being recognized as tv shows (they show up in other):


With those names Infuse will probably be trying to handle them as movies rather than tv series as they contain no season/episode number (with the series name and season/episode numbers as on So try …


Your file naming appears to be causing your issues. Try “The.Opposition.with.Jordan.Klepper.S01E109.2018.05.16.Lizz.Winstead.1080p.CC.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-monkee”

It’s the first season and it’s episode 109

You can get the info here The Opposition with Jordan Klepper - Aired Order - Season 1 -

You need to follow the naming convictions as shown in the user guide here

As to the second one, try naming the files like this “The.Daily.Show.with.Trevor.Noah.S23E103.2018.05.14.Michael.C.Hall.1080p.CC.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-monkee” again with the season and episode numbers from thetvdb found here

Ii tried both and both and they both automatically picked up all metadata and graphics.

As a note, the main folder for the second one will be named “The Daily Show” not “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah”. That’s how it’s listed on thetvdb.

I don’t really have control over the naming, it is an automatic download, which is standard and consistent…

Is there a way to add this path context so it is automatically picked up by infuse?

I doubt if Infuse will change since it gets info from thetvdb and it follows the required naming convictions.

Why can’t you change the name after the download? Do other programs you have in infuse follow the same naming style?

Plex supports this naming style
" Date-Based Television Shows

TV Shows that are date-based should be named as follows:

  • /TV Shows/ShowName/Season 02/ShowName – 2011-11-15 – Optional_Info.ext
  • /TV Shows/ShowName/Season 02/ShowName – 15-11-2011 – Optional_Info.ext

Where you specify the appropriate date. The date can use either the YYYY-MM-DD or DD-MM-YYYY formats and can use different separators:

  • Dashes (2011-11-15)
  • Periods (2011.11.15)
  • Spaces (2011 11 15)"

from Naming and Organizing Your TV Show Files | Plex Support

Is it possible for Infuse to add support for this? All talk shows I have are named like this rather than Season#.Epsiode#

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