Support for ProRes

I tried playing 4k ProRes video which is 15gb file, it was buffering while i played from gdrive, meanwhile my internet plan is 100mbps and i can easily play 60gb movies from gdrive without any sort of buffering. seems like infuse has some issue with this one.
I can provide test file for you just let me know when you need it.

Edit : Buffer issue could be my internet speed limit as well. Movies are longer in duration so it buffers few mins in ahead, meanwhile that was just 4 min video so buffering makes sense here. but I could be wrong.

What happens if you start the video and then pres pause for a few minutes to let it build the buffer? You should be able to see the buffer fill by watching the timeline bar at the bottom.

Can you play the file without problems from a local source instead of using G Drive?

I think buffer here was all okay actually file is 15GB and its duration is 4 min… A movie is 60Gb and it’s duration is around 1hr 45 min which means on avg per second it loads around 5-10 second in a movie… but here it’s short enough so loading takes time.

cached video played fine tho, it was me who couldn’t understand at first about the size and duration thing.

If you get an app called Mediainfo it will tell you the bitrate which is a better indicator than file size or duration.

I do have the app but it can be used on only saved files i think.
but I had mediainfo of that file here Katbin - wapazisejer

It’s taking me around 26 mins to download whole file on 100mbps connection so yeah it’s my internet speed issue for this specific file.
imagine streaming 4 min file which takes 26 mins to download

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