Support for Plex Cloud

hi plex cloud on infuse it not working why and what i have to do ?
i already subscribed to infuse pro because of this
please give anything to solve this ?

Guys ? Anything? anyone can help me??

It’s “Planned”: Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

It used to be under 5.9, I believe, but has since been pushed back. I can only imagine it was being a pain, or simply not that important.

OMG so it just “ planned “ !!!
Not even process! So until what we will waiting?? One year? 2 years maybe??
Really im going to cancel my subscription ??‍♂️?

I really hate to rain on your parade but plex cloud is shutting down as of November 30th so there’s no need for support anymore.

OMG are you serious!!!?
Ok so is there any chance infuse will make service like plex cloud on future??? I’m really so disappointed to hear that news ??

Highly doubtful when people push up 100TB+ to Google Drive and Plex just couldn’t handle the server/bandwidth costs most likely.

Alright now I understand why they shutdown the Plex Cloud anyway from today im infus user and loyal customer
I will pay the lifetime subscribe
Thank you infus :snowman:

If they had stopped transcoding in Plex Cloud it wouldn’t have been so hard to maintain

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