Support for Playlist.xspf file or similar as seen in VLC for a Cinema like experience with trailers

I was hoping that the AppleTV app could support something like .xspf files (these are supported in VLC)

This allows one to create a playlist.xspf file that essentially plays a bunch of videos in order… so when you select a film to watch, the playlist.xspf file may play some trailers first, or a Dolby Atmos Experience trailer before the movie starts, much like the real cinema experience.

All the user needs to do is place the playlist.xspf file in the directory with their movie and add in the directory paths to the trailers and movie they want to watch. If Infuse sees a playlist.xspf file, it reads that rather than just playing the movie straight away.

I did have an example below but its cropped by the post size

I forgot to mention m3u support too, which is a similar thing