Support for NFS protocol?

I’ve been using XBMC installed on my ATV2, and have been streaming content from my Ubuntu box using NFS to connect. Does ATV Flash Black support NFS? If not I’m sure I could figure out another way to connect, just curious.

aTV Flash (black) doesn’t seem to currently support NFS, which is a shame.

NFS support is planned for a future version. Stay tuned.

This would be wonderful. Is there any time frame for this at the moment?

I too would like to know what sort of time frame you guys are looking at - the lack of NFS support is the only thing stopping me from buying.

Any new time frame on when NFS will be available?  It’s been months that it is been “coming”…

Support for NFS streaming is about 70% complete, and with any luck will be included in the next update. :)

Hi James,


almost a year gone… any chance to have the NFS protocol?




NFS support was added in version 1.5 which came out April 17th 2012

Feeling a bit dumb  :[


Actually my NAS does not get recognize by ATV mbut does by my macbook so i gave for granted nsf support were not yet released…

I’ll investigate why ATV does not see my qnap NFS shares.