Support for multi-language metadata for both Movie and Tv shows

i have just insalled the new 2.0 version of the Media player. While I am very impressed by some of ita functionality, I am still having some issues with it that prevents me from leaving Plex once and for all.

I have a collection of movies and tv shows, some ofthem in English others in French language. I have separated the media filea by language and type so they are all organized nicely into different directories and subfolders. While In Plex I can specify a language to fetch the metadata, I can not do this in Media player.

A specific tv show might have multiple language indicated on THETVDB.COM… It would be nice when reloading the metadata to be able to selct the proper language for the metadata… Most of the time, the metadata for a French show reside on the French page of… And Media player always picks up the English one.

Same would apply for the movies…and a way to select the proper poster in the proper language would also be very nice… The saphire plugin on ATV1 was able to let you select a poster out of many ofthem…why cant we do it now ?

Thanks for taking this into consideration… I really like what you guys are doing…but I have to admit that on some points… The Plex eam is ahead of you… I would prefer you guys be in the lead…