Support for Live TV and DVR?

Seems like an odd requirement, I assumed the devs could read. But I went ahead and liked it for good measure. Thanks for the heads up.

You can like the first post only once the way the forum software is written but you could post a thousand plus 1 posts. This keeps it easy to tabulate and not have the devs trying to remember who liked it and who liked it multiple times.

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Would love to see this added as well. It’s the only thing I need to return to the official Plex app for.

When will the live feed function be added?

Looking through the forums I see dozens of requests for this but only the most generic, non-committal replies for the Firecore team. Could we get a straight and definitive answer (or have we gotten one and I just missed it?)

Is the implementation of livetv or m3u8 playback on the road map anywhere? Before I commit to another year, I’d like to know if there’s a plan. Maybe when this was 1st request several years ago it was too niche or new, but now it’s not a huge coding challenge and there’s a high level of interest.


This is the roadmap. Beyond that, who knows? But there are a lot of requests out there…

@munpip214 posted the link where you can track what’s on the upcoming features list. You can also note the “tags” on the suggestions threads that give you another indicator of their status.

I moved your post to a currently running suggestion for this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

So in response to my very direct “Can we get a definitive and specific answer” your response is “No.” Just trying to be clear here as you’ve seemingly gone out of your way to not address it. I work in a related field, I get that internally there are things you know will never be on the road map or are so far out of scope for what the team is trying to do, they are not reasonably going to happen.

All any of us is asking is that you give us a real, transparent update.

It’s not a hard and fast rule but mostly, requests for new features need traction. That’s done by liking the first post of the initial feature suggestion.

7 votes in well over 4 years suggests pretty much nobody else cares for the request.

I’m pretty sure it’s not deliberate but yeah I do wonder (having tracked down that post you screenshot) why this thread hasn’t been merged to that one.

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They do try to do this as soon as they see them so they don’t gather likes. Part of the duplicate threads are due to the change in forum provider that happened a few years ago and things are still being found and cleaned up.

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Totally willing to give them them benefit of the doubt. But it remains a) an issue brought up dozens and dozens of times for which b) no meaningful answer has been given. If this were a FOSS project, okay, fine. But if you’re asking people to subscribe, and scores of subscribers turn up and say “we’d really like this feature” – good companies with good customer service provide a transparent response – even if the response its “It’s not on the road map, don’t expect it any time in the next 18 months”. or “We don’t want to support IPTV as we believe that would draw the scrutiny of the Apple Store which we don’t want” or “Yes, we’re working on it but it’s a massive resource drain so it’s slow going.”

All of those are valid answers. But the constant. “Thanks for your post, here’s where you can keep track of the latest features” is a patronizing dodge.

For me that’s dangerous territory. I do believe many of us either switched to native Infuse or indeed use Plex as the backend and simply use Infuse as a client purely because they got tired of Plex never disclosing any upcoming features ever.

You may not like that a feature has not been implemented but personally I’m always happy to know what is in the pipeline.

Dropping by to add my support for this feature request. Would be able to totally drop the Plex client if Infuse added this.

Would love support for Plex/Jellyfin live TV

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The one thing the app is still missing. Lot of people asked for it. I am afraid it will never be added.

The one thing this thread is still missing… :wink:

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

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We always get to hear that. But even pushing the like button doesn’t help.

It’s how almost all the new features are prioritised to be added.