Support for Live TV and DVR?

Is there any chance to add to Infuse support to Live TV for use e.g. with HDHomeRun or British or Australian Freeview boxes?
Something similar Plex has but Plex Pass is needed and I really don’t like all the transcoding stuff Plex has.

Adding such thing to Infuse (might be only for Pro users) would be awesome :slight_smile:


That would be a great feature!
I am also interested into this.
Maybe one can get the Live TV stream from an Enigma 2 set-top-box (openATV). So one set-top-box with FBC tuner could handle streams from 8 parallel transponders! Enough for a lot of Infuse users in one household and no need for wiring satellite /antenna cables anymore.


Any news about this?

It would be a great feature to support Live TV from Emby/Plex.
It’s only of the only major feature missing to become the best Emby/Plex player.


Also support live TV support for Emby/Plex

and yet another +1 from this. Has anyone from the dev team responded. Seems like a feature folks would very much enjoy.

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Seems like an odd requirement, I assumed the devs could read. But I went ahead and liked it for good measure. Thanks for the heads up.

You can like the first post only once the way the forum software is written but you could post a thousand plus 1 posts. This keeps it easy to tabulate and not have the devs trying to remember who liked it and who liked it multiple times.

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Would love to see this added as well. It’s the only thing I need to return to the official Plex app for.

When will the live feed function be added?