Support for ISO Files

I know this isn’t currently supported as a way of streaming movies from a NAS to Infuse. Are there plans to have this functionality added in the near future? If it’s not possible to add streaming, is there any way to allow simply browsing the ISO collection with metadata for each ISO file? The reason for wanting this is that I use aTV Flash for the Apple TV 2 to watch ISO movies. However I find looking through over 200 movies quite difficult on the TV screen and it would be nice to browse the collection on an iPad and then be able to go directly to the movie wanted using infuse on the Apple TV. I just find the icons on the Apple TV too small to view comfortably - maybe it’s my age finally getting to me!

Thanks for any info on this.

Support for ISO files is something we hope to add in a future version, but don’t have any kind of ETA right now. Sorry.

Thanks James. Good to hear it’s at least in the development plan.

You said .iso is planned. Can we expect DVD and Blu-ray .iso as well?
Thanks for your answer!

I have the same issue. my entire collection is in ISO movies since aTV flash supports it on the ATV2. would be great if infuse would support it when the ATV4 is released.