Support for external audio files


I have a movie (.avi) with an external audio file (.ac3).

Does infuse support reading and playing of external audio files? What would be the name given to the files in different languages?



I’ve the same question. Would be nice if Infuse App supports this.
Thanks in advance!

Juan R

Moving to suggestions.


Hi All,

I personally (and I can’t speak for others) would love to see a way for Infuse to “source” or play external audio tracks that are sepearate to the video stream.

I dont know if this is something that is “Infuse side” or PLEX side. Reason why is that with 4k media (HDR10, Dolby Vision etc) starting to take off, and in particular Dolby Vision (DV), mkv and other containers can ONLY support DV if audio is remuxed into 5.1 then video and audio can be played together as one file.

Now if anyone reading this knows when you rip a 4k disk, you get (99% of the time) an ATMOS or DTS-HD audio track - 9.1.2. I would love to be able to play these in a similar manner to the way external subtitles are played, ie have a folder with your movie name, and have the video and audio separate.

Excuse the long ramble and if this is already a feature, I apologise!


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Jellyfin v10.8.0 alpha 3 supports external audio files, not sure if that makes it easier for Infuse to support it or not?

Most of my films has separate audio like MKV file and MKA file for audio i wish infuse one day add this feature that is really missing ,BCS I couldn’t find any player that support this feature and i really need that

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I would like that feature too so i can spend less time muxing in alternate audio tracks.

When can infuse support external audio tracks and special effects subtitles, such as THD and DTS, as well as AC3 audio tracks, subtitle SUP format, some movies because they do not have some want to listen to the language and subtitles, can only be downloaded to get, but infuse can only play the film’s own audio track language, some special effects subtitles such as SUP format, Can not be identified by external mode, sincerely hope to be able to support in the future!

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In the meantime, you can use MKVToolNix to insert those external audio tracks into the wrapper so they become accessible to Infuse.

Infuse already detects external subs with the same filename as the content, so it might just be Infuse doesn’t support that specific subtitle format.

And yeah, it doesn’t look like SUP is on the list. Can you convert to any of the ones shown below?

Suggestion thread is here. if you want to add your support, hit the heart on the first post.

And here’s the thread for external audio tracks.

I moved your posts to a currently running thread requesting this feature (Thanks @FLskydiver )

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Very frustrating that there is no way to play videos with external audio tracks. To watch foreign movies I use external audio tracks with translation. Remux video can be done, but it is time and size and an extra copy of the movie. I really hope new versions of the excellent Infuse will have this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

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i ended up using a-shell app from appstore, it comes with ffmpeg installed and lets you edit videos

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I understand that there are many options as remux external track, or use mpc-be on a pc, but this is all unnecessary fuss. I just want to sit in a chair after a hard day’s work, run Infuse and watch a movie with an external audio track on my projector.


@james This doesn’t seem to be on the radar at all? This is a crucial feature for any non-english speaker with kids :slight_smile:

Doesn’t Jellyfins support make this easier?


Hi @james. Have you analyzed the programming complexity of adding the ability to play video with external audio tracks to Infuse?

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I was quite disappointed that this feature is missing from Infuse. There are so many players that support this, so it can’t be that difficult to implement (Kodi, VLC, MPC-HC, mplayer to name some), but maybe it’s one of those functionalities that are only required by a minority of users :frowning:.


Hey, Infuse Community!

As a dedicated user of the Infuse app, I’ve been thinking about a practical enhancement that could simplify our movie-watching experience.

How It Works:

Simply drop your extra audio track file into the same folder as your movie, and the Infuse app will recognize it, making it selectable for playback. No more fussing with third-party software.


  • Effortlessly enhance your movies with extra audio tracks, akin to adding subtitles.
  • Ideal for multilingual households or anyone seeking diverse language options.
  • Streamline your viewing experience without complicated processes.

I understand that implementing new features requires careful consideration, but I believe this enhancement would further improve the versatility and user-friendliness of our beloved Infuse app.

I tried using ChatGPT to avoid typos but this sounds too robot. Still…the purpose is to be able to add more languages without using Mkvtoolnix.