Support for "Edition" and/or "Version" Descriptors

Hi Firecore,

All of the movies in my collection are named “Movie Name [YYYY] [Edition Descriptors] [Resolution and Audio Codec]”, so for example “The Wizard of Oz [1939] [75th Anniversary Edition] [1080p BluRay] [DTS].mkv”. Although I don’t expect Infuse to actually do anything with the “75th Anniversary Edition” description, it seems to be causing the entire video to not match-up. Same thing happens with some movies listed as “Unrated Director’s Cut” or “Extended Version”, etc. My request isn’t to list the video as the “75th Anniversary Edition” or “Unrated” blah blah blah, but simply to tweak the way Infuse matches titles so the films always match-up even if additional descriptors are listed.

All that said, if it would be possible for Infuse to somehow display the descriptors on the movie slash-screen in some future release, I won’t complain!


You can always correct it by going into the movie and selecting EDIT, then matching it up manually.

It requires an additional step but not too much of a hassle.