Support for E01 naming style

In reference to the informative “Metadata 101” article (Metadata 101 – Firecore) I suggest support for one more naming style. Shows like Planet Earth don’t have seasons, the sequel just got a separate show Planet Earth II. So a folder with episodic names like “E01 Islands.mkv” makes a lot of sense and is named like this by many people. I would like to see Infuse understand episode naming with this structure:
show name/season 1/E02.mkv

Today Infuse only picks up on:
show name/season 1/02.mkv
show name/season 1/episode 02.mkv

I believe this would help people get their documentaries into the Infuse library without renaming their episodes, instead just making a season 1 folder.

I always just use season 01 like all other tv series and it’s been working fine including those you mentioned like Planet Earth and others. Not sure why it’d be an inconvenience to keep the same naming structure as other multiple episode series. Renaming a series if you don’t have the S01 included only takes a minute and solves your issue.

Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

I agree it’s not much work renaming the episodes. One the other hand Infuse is the “king of convenience” when it comes to magically figuring out your media content without the need of editing your library. So in the spirit of that I wouldn’t mind Infuse getting even smarter.

Still, just my two cents too. :slight_smile: