Support for .disc placeholder / media stub


thanks for this great frontend on my Apple TV. I converted from Kodi and one feature I miss the support for “.disc” files.
In Kodi those files show up as a normal movie but when you want to play them a message appears to insert the Disc.

This allows easy management of a complete library including those DVD/Blu Ray/UHD Discs in your basement/garage/attic/sideboard.
Through the part in the nfo file you also can change the message and add a hint where to look for this disc.

Would be a great addition to the already great app.


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+1 for me!
I contacted support with a similar idea to this, but with a wider remit to include all content that is held on other platforms (e.g. Apple TV & Prime purchases). I add dummy 1min video files to my library so I can see these but it would be great if there was a better/cleaner way to do this.