Support for Date-Based Shows

Plex supports this naming style
" Date-Based Television Shows

TV Shows that are date-based should be named as follows:

  • /TV Shows/ShowName/Season 02/ShowName – 2011-11-15 – Optional_Info.ext
  • /TV Shows/ShowName/Season 02/ShowName – 15-11-2011 – Optional_Info.ext

Where you specify the appropriate date. The date can use either the YYYY-MM-DD or DD-MM-YYYY formats and can use different separators:

  • Dashes (2011-11-15)
  • Periods (2011.11.15)
  • Spaces (2011 11 15)"

from Naming and Organizing Your TV Show Files | Plex Support

Is it possible for Infuse to add support for this? All talk shows I have are named like this rather than Season#.Epsiode#

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