Support for Blackmagic Raw


My workflow would improve a lot if Infuse had BRAW as a supported format. It would allow me to identify unusable clips and delete them while on the go, which is not possible by design with the pocket cinema cameras.

I think the SDK is free and BRAW is not particularly demanding in regards to hardware requirements.


Don’t think that format will work on iOS. The crappy thing with apples mobile devices is support is limited to whatever the hardware can support. I see they have an sdk but no way to get apples hardware to play nicely with it.

I’m willing to bet these limitations are with the company doesn’t have its own iOS player.

So in my case 5.7K 10bit HEVC DJI footage plays well on Infuse on my iPad mini, so does GH5 10bit footage. To my knowledge none of these play ‘natively’ on iPad OS. At least Files can not open them.

That still makes me think there is a way. VLC also falls in that category… there may be hope :wink:

HEVC is a codec supported by apple. The G5 also uses HEVC. The problem comes with footage recorded in a RAW proprietary formats. I believe Apple iOS devices also don’t support REDCODE RAW.

I see.
So I guess the iPadOS player component cannot play the 10bit HEVC files, but Infuse can, since HEVC is generally supported on iOS. As for RAW, I think Apple will prefer to go down the ProRes RAW route, rather than 3rd party RAW.

But I still wonder if that rules out serving BRAW files in a way the OS can render it. On macOS (different story, I know) there is no native support for BRAW, and only the Blackmagic Player can play BRAW files.

Basically, I just wanted to flag this, maybe Infuse devs can consider and check feasibility.