Support for AVS3 video

Can infuse add support for AVS3 video coding in future plans? I have downloaded several big videos, including Spring Festival Gala, or Olympic opening ceremony, which are all AVS3 coding, but infuse can only recognize audio tracks and cannot play pictures! Hope to support the playback of AVS3 decoding.

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Moved to suggestions. Thanks!

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Please tell me, where can I get video files with the AVS3 codec?

I have 8k Spring Festival Gala is this code, there are more than 200 gb size capacity, can only be sent to you through the network disk.

I have 115 web disk, I can send you through 115 web disk has been tested!

I have several large-capacity videos encoded by AVS3, all of which are 8k high-definition videos of the China’s Central Spring Festival Gala and the Olympic Games. They are all about 200gb single. The picture quality is extremely clear, but there is no picture when playing with infuse, only sound. I hope the official can help and support me, because the file is too large, and I can only use the 115 network disk for transmission and sharing. I also know that the 115 network disk is also used in foreign Apple stores. I hope the official can receive my test video and repair and support it. If possible, I will release the sharing

Because this test video is too large, I can only share and transmit it to you through this kind of network disk. I hope you can receive and use it for testing.

Probably not a good idea to post links and passwords in the open forum.

Based on the AVS3-encoded video format, I believe that many places should also have it on the Internet. You can try to search and download it for testing.