support for Airport Extreme


I’m recently using a ATV2 with latest Firecore updates. I’m streaming all types of movies from an usb-drive, conneted to my current wifi-router, which is supporting DNLA.

I would like to exchange this router to an airport extreme. Will the ATV2 still be able to stream the movies from the usb-drive (connected to the AE), because it doesn’t support DNLA?

It can I have my ATV2 playing all my movies from my usb plugged into my airport extreme. You have to share it out on the the APE then in Media on the ATV2 you should just see it

If not enter the username and password as well as IP address in the following format;


I’m just struggling to get it to see my TV shows but only set it up 10 mins ago


Please note though that this will only work if your HD is formatted to FAT32 or HFS+

It definitely won’t work with NTFS and probably not with exFAT

Thanks for your answers. Sounds good, that in general it’s working. But the format issue is no good news for people with a mix of apple and windows devices.

actually, HFS+ or FAT32 is what is required for the AE to interact with the HD. I believe the format is irrelevant to the devices on the network. In other words, your windows machine will ‘see’ and HFS+ formatted hard drive hooked up to the AE. The only drawback is that if for any reason you need to plug that drive to a Windows machine via USB, you won’t be able to read it.


If you format your drive to FAT32, not only all devices will see it on the network but you’ll also be able to plug it in directly to Mac and Windows computers.


If you’re in predominantly Mac environment though, I would go for HFS+ as I believe it’s a better filesystem.


Hope this helps.