Support for Adobe Air

Unless I’ve missed something, I see no messages about trying to install Adobe Air onto the ATV system. I’ve been trying for about 3 days to get Air installed so I can use some of the Air apps I use on my Mac, especially TWiT Live Desktop. Sure would be nice to see Leo on 47" TV :slight_smile:

I’m able to see it installer in NitoTV Applications, but fails to install - maybe waiting for admin password on the unseen screen(?). I just can’t get it launched. :frowning:

BTW this new version 3.5.4 is the smoothest yet, really a quality professional setup. Keep up the good work!

If you want Twit.TV on your AppleTV, he is on Boxee. If he’s not in the standard installation then you can add him using Boxee’s App Box. You should see Twit.TV in the New Applications list if it’s not already in the My Applications list. To access the Twit.TV application you can go to Video > Internet. In there you should see Twit.TV.

As for Adobe Air, I’m just not sure the Apple TV could handle it. Adobe Air is known to be a memory hog and when I used to run my Twitter apps in it, they would take over my Mac and slow it down. It might be possible though, it just depends on how it runs on the Apple TV.

Hey, thanks I didn’t look in Boxee. I didn’t think about ability to run Air on the ATV.

I appreciate the info.

Actually AIR should be more efficient than Flash since it doesn’t have the browser in the way. AIR apps can be memory intensive, but TweetDeck and twitter clients in general are known for this bad behavior. I would love to have AIR running on the aTV as it would open up a whole new application for the box in kiosks and the like.