Support for adding direct links on Apple TV

I just started using infuse trial version and I must say this is the best way to consume local content on the Apple TV. It is almost perfect but there is one feature which I believe might not interest all but for someone like me would definitely convert me to a paying customer. It is adding direct links on Apple TV. I live with my flatmates and we share an apple tv in the living room. I personally use another one in my room and I do not feel comfortable signing in with my apple ID on the main TV. So to add direct links the only way is via phone app for which to work it should use same apple ID. Now my request is, can we share libraries across different apple ids or maybe add directly links on tvos. Anything can work or any other way to achieve this. This small feature I guess can help some people who have a weird setup like me but I believe is would supercharge the app a little more and make it complete for people like me.


Loving Infuse 7 so far on the ATV. The player itself is probably the best out there! Although it is extremely clunky to get synced across devices, I had to delete icloud data numerous times (side note on that, it shows as Infuse 6 in iCloud) to get it work. Also, the time to sync libraries is infuriating. I have there started looking at an alternative route.

The iphone has the capability to add URL links, which thanks to the iCloud sync are then available on the ATV. However, it would be nice to be able to do this directly on the ATV. I have seen in 2017, you guys said this was something you were looking at adding in after 6.0 release, Add url links in ATV4K, is this still in works? It would surely be a fairly simple addition code wise but a powerful tool to have in the app.



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